Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Another good beginning ~~

Woke up early and just came back from jogging at nearby park. Every time when I'm back from jogging, 3R (Refreshment, Replenishment, Revitalization) will come to me. ^_^ I like these feelings but in order to gain them, I need to make sure I have enough sleep (sleep early is utmost important) on that day. That's why I'd sleep by 12am (usually is 11am) and this is how the nickname 'Cin Cin' which my darling given to me (sounds nice, right? haha).

Later, I'll go to Ang Mo Kio Public Library
to borrow some books that introduce Chiang Mai and it's nearby provinces. My main intention is to refer to the hardcopy-version of Chiang Mai's map which I think will be helpful during my forthcoming Chiang Mai trip.

I hope I manage to spend some time to polish up my photoshop skill today before going for badminton session at 7:30pm.

Yeah, a brand new Saturday is awaiting me. @_^

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