Monday, February 25, 2013

子豫 @ 24 周岁

时间过得好快,子豫已经满24周岁了。很快,就要给她吃 solid food 了。根据 "Your BabyCare Bible" - "In spite of the foregoing, don't fee pressured to start weaning earlier or later than you feel is right for your baby as the guidelines do not fully take into account the wide individual variations in developmental maturity between infants. Having said this, don't leave weaning much later than six months (26 weeks), unless recommended to do so by your health visitor, as by then your baby will need non-milk sources of nourishment to provide sufficient calories, vitamins and minerals. After six months, breast or formula milk no longer meets all your baby's nutritional needs, particularly of iron, and now is the time to introduce "solid" foods to your baby's diet.

Eight Signs your baby is ready:
1) Seems unsatisfied after a milk feed and hungrier than usual.
2) Shows an interest in your food.
3) Makes chewing motions.
4) Can close her mouth around a spoon.
5) Holds her head up well.
6) Can sit up with support.
7) Can move her tongue back and forth.
8) Is teething.

看了很多关于开始让baby吃solid food的书,真的有些头痛(因为我打算主要都是自己准备 solid food, 而不是让子豫吃 ready-made 的 baby food puree)。打算这个周末就让子豫try solid food (可是上周末即兴准备的胡萝卜棒应该算子豫的 first solid food try, 想到她用舌头舔蒸软了的胡萝卜棒,然后那有些许不爽的样子就好笑,哈哈)。

No Added Salt, No Added Sugar, No Added Colourings, No Flavourings...

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