Monday, December 28, 2009

Excerps from The Daily Motivator - Frustration into achievement

Frustration into achievement

How do you transform a frustration into an achievement? First, step back and get some perspective.

Look objectively at the reason why you are frustrated. Find the specific positive belief or value within yourself that makes your frustration feel so negative.

Instead of directing your frustration at some person or object or situation outside yourself, look inward. See that the energy of your frustration is attempting to validate and express some key positive value that you sincerely treasure.

Zero in on that value and focus your attention on it. Discover that there are plenty of positive, creative ways to give life and expression to whatever you value.

Consider the positive possibilities, and realize that within your frustration is the passion to bring those possibilities to life. Use your frustration to discover something good about who you are, and then use it as motivation to express that goodness.

There's something positive that your frustration can tell you. Find it and bring it to life.

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Anonymous said...

aiyo, when i lost my head. i could not see the front part liao. where to see the achivement wor. so now u know why i m so badly done lor. sigh

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