Monday, July 16, 2012

Home made Icre-Cream (Orange Peppermint flavour)

To make 1 liter icre-cream:
- 8 eggyolks
- 400 ml whipping cream
- 400 ml full cream milk
- caster sugar (120g)
- flavouring (orange, peppermint)

1) beat eggyolks (whip until fluffy and creamy)
2) add in caster sugar and continue to whip

3) mix whipping cream with full cream milk and heat up till 60 ~ 80 degree celcius
4) place the whipping cream and full cream milk mixture in chiller for 30 mins to cool down.

5) mix A & B and put in the flavours you like (can taste it and adjust accordingly)
6) ice-cream (liquid-form) is done.
7) Put in the freezer for 30 mins, take out every 30 mins and faster whip. Repeat step 7 for few times. Done.

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